We are a team of 4 members that are  building a solution for knee ligament injuries at ski. You can help us validate our hypothesis by going through the following 15 questions.
What type of skier are you ? *

What kind of ski do you practice ? *

At what age did you learn to ski ? *

Do you have your own skis, or do you rent them ? *

How many days do you ski during the winter season ? *

Have you used ski monitoring apps on your smartphone ? *

Apps like: TraceSnow, OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report, Liftopia, Ski Tracks
If you have used ski monitoring apps, what have you used them for ?

Skip this question if you answered "NO" to the previous one
On a scale from 1 to 5 how much do you worry about your knees during descends ? *

1 - Not at all
2 - I am aware of the danger, but I think there is a low chance of injuring my knees
3 - Whenever I can, I try to avoid potentially dangerous movements for the knees
4 - I know that if I push my limits, I will definitely injure my knees
5 - I cannot go skiing without wearing something to protect my knees

How do you choose the slope that you are going to ski on ? *

Did you suffer from knee ligament injuries during your descends? *

Have you tried any Knee Braces for ski ? *

If you suffered from ligament injury, what have you tried to minimize the risk of that happening again ?

Tell us how did you deal with that problem so far.
How do you think that you can improve your safety, given the way you ski ?

Where are you from ?

Any opinions regarding knee ligament injuries while skiing ?

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